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The Museum of Sports Show

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Just in time for St. Pat’s the Museum of Sports Show shares our favorite Phiilies legend Tug McGraw’s Irish Coffee recipe.



8 oz.  Coffee

1.5 oz. Jamieson Irish Whiskey (no other brand will due)

1.2 oz. Cointreau or Baileys

1 fresh Orange (for juice and rind)

3 T Raw Sugar Whipped Cream

Squeeze the juice from one orange and place in a saucer.

Add the sugar to another saucer.

Dip the rim of the glass coffee cup into the orange juice and then into the sugar.

Caramelize the rim with a lighter or professional caramelizer.

Pour 8 oz of coffee into the caramelized glass coffee cup; add a spoon so the glass doesn’t break.

Heat the Jamieson in microwave for :30 or ignite for a few second to heat up and then add to coffee.

Add ½ oz of Cointreau or Bailey’s into the coffee.

Top with whipped cream (homemade’s best but Redi-Whip will work too.)

Garnish with a few orange rind shavings.

For more information on Tug’s Irish Coffee recipe, the Dare to Dream Experience or McGraw Productions, email