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Chuck Bushbeck, TV Host, Inspirational Speaker, Life Coach, co-host of The Museum of Sports Show and author is releasing two new books in April, Full Armor, co-written with E.F. Courtright, and Quiet Toughness.


Full Armor Training is not a typical motivational program.  It’s an “inspirational” program, examining your goals and having a vision for your future. It’s about overcoming obstacles in order to achieve those goals.  It’s about understanding how “life” works!  Enter Quantum physics!

Program developer, Chuck Bushbeck, has developed a five step program that when understood and followed, will enhance the quality of life for any athlete or individual.  Chuck has spent 30 years in the behavioral health field, and combined with his background in Psychology, physics and quantum physics, produces a “cutting edge sports program” which addresses the physical and mental aspects of sports and how any athlete can use these techniques to succeed.

Chuck Bushbeck is now a Professional Baseball scout (associate for the LA Angels of Anaheim) and an elite baseball trainer.  He has been a stellar athlete his entire life and has overcome many obstacles and has many success stories.  As a record holding kicker on Villanova University’s football team in 1981, he was forced to transfer for his senior year when Villanova decided to drop their intercollegiate football program. Chuck was being listed as a Pre-season All American and would surely be drafted in to the National Football League!  However, It was during a pre-season training at East Carolina University when his life was turned upside down!  Chuck was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease, a potentially fatal lymphatic form of cancer. He continued to play the entire D1 season while going through several surgeries and brutal radiation treatments and his story was broadcasted by ABC Sports throughout the United states and Canada. Chuck wanted to play football. His vision was to play in the pros, and he was ready and willing to overcome all obstacles to get there. In 1985 he did just that, signing a professional football contract with the Memphis Showboats of the USFL!

“Full Armor” will give you the tools needed to follow your dreams to reach your potential in life. You will here words like energy, contrast, vibration, frequency and allowing.  Chuck discusses how he overcame “obstacles” in life, as well as his own success stories.  Chuck provides a clear understanding for the reasons “why” we achieve and the reasons “why” we don’t!  The way to achieve in one’s life is no longer guess work and Chuck Bushbeck is one of those pioneer leaders who is on top of his game!


The goal of every competitive athlete is to be physically preforming at the highest level. They train extensively to get there. Phrases such as “being in the zone” or “seeing the field” are often used to describe their extraordinary physical feats. But, one can’t be “in the zone” unless the mind is as prepared as the body. In today’s world our understanding of physical training far exceeds our understanding of mental preparedness or the science behind it.

Quiet Toughness is the detailed guide to “RedOps,” a training program that will empower athletes to reach that elevated plain of mental preparedness. RedOps has been developed through personal experience, years of observing and coaching young sports figures, many of whom have gone on to achieve success, and from the extensive study of psychology, biology, epigenetics, and quantum physics, among other sciences. It takes readers through the “what,” “why,” and “how” of the RedOps’ five-step process: (1) Energy and Information; (2) Mindfulness; (3) Inspired Action; (4) Contrast; and (5) Allowing.

These tools teach how to eliminate fear and doubt, reduce stress, find healing, and bridge the gap between mediocrity and success. Real-life examples are depicted throughout the text, and a foreword by Atlanta Braves’ pitcher, Jesse Biddle, is included.

While RedOps is geared toward athletic prowess, the techniques of Quiet Toughness can be applied to any circumstance, enabling people to gain confidence and pursue any of life’s many possibilities.