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6-23-19 Autism Advocate and Author Erin Clemens, and Dr. Todd Harris, Executive Director of Autism Services at Devereux Download

Download June 23rd

Autism Advocate and Author Erin Clemens, and Dr. Todd Harris, Executive Director of Autism Services at Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health discussed growing up with Autism Spectrum Disorder, what to expect and how to prepare for a life after education.   Dr. Harris continued a conversation begun in his last appearance, are we spending too much time concentrating on a diploma at the expense of preparing the youth with ASD for independence with a job and a social life?   Erin, who writes and blogs as AspergerSadie, is recent college graduate; she lives independently, drives and holds a job at Devereux, thanks to aid from an assigned service provider who makes sure she stays on schedule and focused.  She talked about her school experience where her autism was not diagnosed until fifth grade and where no real accommodations were made, she noted that she lost critical support through a lack of information – she did not know that by deferring her high school graduation she could receive services through her 21st birthday.  Dr. Harris discussed the need for parents to register for services well before graduation and to plan ahead for the time when their child is no longer in the school system.  He also discussed social opportunities and his recent discovery that integration into society and friendships were more important to his clients than employment and career.

Erin’s book, I Have Asperger’s, is available through Amazon, you can follow her on Twitter and Facebook as AspergerSadie

For information about services offered by Devereux go to

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