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It’s Not Just Our Name, It’s Our Heritage

Heritage’s was the first store to sell milk in gallon jugs in the state of New Jersey and was a pioneer in the state of New Jersey in regards to being the first convenience store.

Today Heritage’s Dairy Stores, Inc. employs over 500 people and is currently operated under the direction Skeeter Heritage. We still use our own unique milk recipe, making the sweetest, freshest milk in town. We wholesale candy, tobacco and groceries from our own Heritage’s Wholesale Company, which supplies our stores with over 75% of all the products they sell. Employees of Heritage’s deliver products to our stores on a daily basis. We have our own Construction & Service Team, which builds and maintains our stores and corporate offices. We have a Human Resources and Employee Development Department which is the base from which all orientation and professional development programs are taught. HR develops designs and presents workshops to all the employees in order to help them develop themselves on a business and personal level.

Our vision is to be recognized as a leader in the Convenience Store Industry by exceeding our guests’ expectations. Our purpose is to exceed the expectations of our guests and fellow employees and share the rewards of financial growth. We believe in M.A.G.I.C., making a great impression on our customer (guest). It is thru our MAGIC that we will achieve our vision.
Heritage’s is a young and progressive company. Much has been accomplished over the past 70 years, but it is only the beginning. People are the most important part of our business and it is our goal to continue to grow and develop into a company that serves our employees and guests better than any other company.