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The Sunday School Show

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Bloomers in the Garden

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Monday Night Kickoff with Paul Jolovitz

Follow the fortunes of the Eagles each week as Paul Jolovitz, Tom Cardella and a different Eagles’ guest discuss the previous game and preview upcoming games, live from Chickie’s & Pete’s Glassboro.

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Talking Villanova Football with Mark Ferrante

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Merrill Reese Pro Football Report

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Philadelphia Focus

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The Bull Session

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The Heart of Sports

Jason Springer has spent more hours than he can count watching, playing and talking sports; a Philadelphia fan, his life’s been shaped in part by the agony and the exhilaration of those allegiances.  When not discussing, watching, following online or on social media and /or listening to sports on the radio, Jason is the President […]

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164 episodes

Rover Sports

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Mattinata Musciale

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