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CarSmarts Radio

Saturdays 11 - 12PM


CarSmarts Radio is everything cars, a weekly 60-minute jaunt down the highway of rides…from diecast to diesels, from dealers to demolishers…the endless list of features will be presented in interviews, personal profiles, events, themed content, questions from listeners, celebrity guests, internet influencers, and much more!

CarSmarts Radio is not a DIY fix-it show.  It’s a lighthearted program that tells stories; of people, of events, and of how the love of cars bring us together.  From brass-era to cars still on the showroom floor, each episode will explore different facets of the automotive community.

CarSmarts Radio will be the on-air source for promoting car shows, charity efforts, events such as the Philadelphia Auto Show, and telling the stories that created them, using social media to expand its reach and engagement.

Your Host, Steven Saffier

From Matchbox cars and Big Wheels to muscle cars and collectibles, Steven has been engrossed in the car world since an early age.  His father worked for various dealerships and even owned an auto parts store, often parking company cars on the front lawn to let his young Steven and friends pretend to be racing for hours on end.  Steven’s first car was a 1979 Trans Am which led to a string of high performance vehicles; a Buick Grand National, a Taurus SHO, several GMC Syclones and Typhoons and a myriad of daily drivers over the years.  This program is an endeavor of passion and combines a love for cars and public speaking experience with the desire to broadcast stories heard at car shows, club meets, and within dealership walls.

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