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The Sunday School Show

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On Summer Break! 

The Sunday School Show is built on, and around, education and community.

The Sunday School Show is an educational show, but that doesn’t mean we’re only talking about educational issues.   It doesn’t mean we’re only talking about school and school based issues – it means we are education; we are educating, we are the school and we’re here to learn!  Our topics have included Sleep, Performance Anxiety, Sex, Smart Drugs, Morning Routines and Lifestyle Hacks …

Your Host, Joseph Montgomery

Joseph Montgomery is an education attorney based in Philadelphia. His firm, Montgomery Law, practices throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Florida.

Montgomery Law focuses its efforts on education, special education and serious school incidents. That includes  IEP issues, bullying, evaluation issues, but also civil rights matters – assaults, sexual assaults and all of the other nasty events that too often occur in our school buildings.

Through verdicts and settlements, Montgomery Law has recovered millions of dollars of educational benefits for students.

In addition to fighting for student’s rights, Joseph enjoys flying planes, bodybuilding and getting his nails painted by his daughter Marley.

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